Promotion Terms:

  • The campaign lasts from 11.05.2024 to 31.05.2024.
  • The campaign is valid only at the INGAMO store located at KALARANNA 8/2, TALLINN.
  • The campaign is NOT valid on the e-shop www.ingamo.eu
  • To participate, make a purchase at the INGAMO representative store at KALARANNA 8/2, TALLINN.
  • The 2=3 campaign is only valid if three products are purchased at once. As part of the campaign, a 100% discount applies to the lowest priced product if 2 products are purchased at full price.
  • Only one discount can be applied to each purchase/product at a time according to a specific campaign. If multiple discounts can be applied to a product or purchase within the framework of different campaigns, the customer has the right to choose the best campaign and the resulting discount.
  • The organizer of the campaign has the unilateral right to interrupt the campaign or to change and supplement the conditions of the campaign by announcing this through the organizer’s Facebook and/or website.
  • Products purchased as part of a campaign cannot be returned. INGAMO has the right to unilaterally decide to allow the return or exchange of the product for a valid reason and if the product is new and unworn. In the event that INGAMO allows the return of the campaign product or its exchange for another product, the discounts generated by the campaign will be deducted from the price of the returned product or the resulting price difference. In case of questions or complaints related to the campaign, please contact us via e-mail at info@ingamo.eu or by phone at (+372) 55 543 055.